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Just select your service below order online and we will send over a free post bag and service return form.  Once you have received just pop the instrument and form in the bag and take it to a post office we will take it from there.

Service & Calibration

We are proud of our service & maintenance department. Our technicians inspect new equipment last before it gets to you. They take it apart when it returns for service and maintenance. In that regard, they know the product better than anyone. Especially how various brands and types perform in different environments and applications for Gas Detection, Noise, Heat Stress and Air Quality.

All our Engineer and Technicians are trained in VCA/safety expertise, ATEX, and all possible manufacturer’s service and maintenance trainings. Our workshops are fully equipped and we stock almost every instrument part. That’s how we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Ready while you wait, service at your doorstep: overused phrases that we make true every day.

Did you know that we also service contaminated devices?

Having a calibrated instrument means you can rely on it. It’s the final check of any detector. 

We can also train your employees to perform your own calibrations. To be able to do that, we can supply you with a full range of calibration accessories, from the high-end multiple docking stations with fully automated testing and calibration, to the smallest hose and filter, and everything in between.


Fully Equipped Service Trucks

Whether you have a big fleet of gas detectors or just a few, but crucial, instruments, it might be undesirable to send them to 7 Solutions for service and calibration.

For those instances, we have a fully equipped service van so we can service your instruments at your door step. Saving you the hassle of logistics, it could even mean that you need fewer instruments. Even in our service van, we service every possible make and type of gas detectors, portable or fixed.

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