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Safety, Health & Environmental 

Do you need a new detection solution? Or replacing what you already have?
We value personal contact!
Therefore we will not list all our products on the website

If you need your gas detection solutions for a limited period only, or do not wish to deal with ownership, you can also rent or lease.

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Portable detection instruments let you carry your safety with you


Portable Detection

Portable detection instruments let you carry your safety with you. From the simplest and most rugged single and multi gas detectors to the most advanced and flexible real-time wireless devices and everything in between. We also enjoy working with BW by Honeywell, Watchgas, TSI, RAE Systems, GMI, Dräger, Crowcon, Industrial Scientific, and MSA.


Fixed Detection

Integrate the best detection solutions into any building. We’ve got any solution for your pre-construction, renovating or retrofitting needs. Perfect integration or hassle-free add-on, even stand-alone equipment. Furthermore, we’re fully equipped to service your equipment on location.

For your fixed instrument needs, we have great working relationships with WatchGas, TSI, Honeywell, GDS, Fresenius, MSA, and Oldham. If you need another brand or specification, we can source anything through our extensive global network of manufacturers and distributors.

You may also want to try our Fixed Systems Automated build system at the link below:


Wireless Detection

Wires add risks and costs. Whenever we can, we try to avoid them. Fortunately, wireless solutions are now as rugged and stable as their wired counterparts, perhaps even more so! This makes our fast-deployable wireless solutions perfect for all your project work. Anything from venue and public protection to plant turnarounds and industrial maintenance: we will get you exactly the solution you need.


Accessories and Spares

Sometimes the accessories make or break the gas detection solution. We have everything you need to perform any detection job.

To keep your detection instruments in top condition, we also offer a wide range of calibration products, from integrated multiple instrument docking stations to every valve, hose, calibration gas cylinder and connector you need.

Furthermore, we can supply calibration gases in any chemically vial combination and concentration you might need at very competitive prices.

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