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About - Gas Monitors & Detection Systems | Safety Monitors Limited
About - Gas Monitors & Detection Systems | Safety Monitors Limited
About - Gas Monitors & Detection Systems | Safety Monitors Limited

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences. Founded in 2017, our incredible team of engineers have worked tirelessly to bring Safety Monitors Limited to the forefront of the industry.

Safety Monitors joined the 7Solutions Group of companies in 2018.  7Solutions was founded in 2003 to offer a genuine alternative for your gas detection needs. We offer the best service possible, from presale advice to aftersales service.

7Solutions and Safety Monitors are ISO 9001 certified. We have our own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what the brand or age. Our turnaround is among the fastest in the industry, returning your instrument within five business days or less if possible. Our staff are trained in the latest safety requirements, VCA and ATEX norms, so you can trust your instrument to keep you safe.

Also, we will service any existing instruments in your fleet, regardless whether you acquired them at Safety Monitors or not: we take pride in returning them to you in perfect working order.

Our sales people are trained in finance as well, allowing them to offer you the solution you need, the way you need it. Whether that is through sales, rental, operational or financial lease, we provide you with the solution you need.

We will find better ways to get your instruments to you faster, by adopting LEAN/6Sigma principles. The quality and speed of our service will always be our number one priority.

In order to provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and our users’ . We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to become the technological standard, which industry leaders not only approve of, but also depend on. Get in touch to learn more.

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