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Research & Development

Some gas detection applications are so specialized that no off-the-shelf solution will do. With the amount of knowledge we have gathered over the years, we have the opportunity to develop what we need. We even have our own special R&D department to do just that.

We know the inside nitty-gritty of any gas detector from the back of our hands. Adapting the design for other application was just the next step, really. No matter what the design brief and design conditions. We like a challenge.

Do you need a unique set of features? A unique combination of sensors, perhaps? A unique way of processing the sensor data and basing automatic action on it? Look no further.

Of course, we have our products certified as well. While a long and bureaucratic process, it is absolutely necessary to be useful. Being able to certify our work validates the developments we undertake.

If you have an application for which there are no valid solutions, whether for workplace safety or for process engineering, get in touch. We’re always happy to assist

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