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SST4 Micro 4 Gas Monitor

SST4 Micro 4 Gas Monitor

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Expected release Q1/2 2024


As many industries move from single gas to a multigas approach it is important for end user adoption. The SST 4 range is designed with simplicity, size and with the user in mind. With its compact yet rugged design the SST4 is there when you need it. From use in the hot temperatures of the steel industry or Hazmat user through to the extreme environments found in the Oil and Gas industry. With a wide range of user options, the SST4 can be tailored for a wide range of use cases and applications. Simple set up of the device by using the WatchGas App, calibration, and bump test records. With Compliance check it has never been easier to manage, maintain and ensure maximum up time of your fleet of devices. 





Near Field Communication built in as standard and allows for a wide range of solutions depending on your needs. Simply pair SST4 with the WatchGas App to manage your fleet, bump, calibrate, assign, or download event logs. 



Using the latest in Solid State Technology our H2S, CO, O2 and SO2, and HCN offer stability and reliability over extreme temperatures and conditions. Toxic sensors have a smaller form factor and with the removal of liquid electrolyte provides a long-lasting sensor. A choice of 3 different LEL sensors allows the user to tailor the device to your application and allows longer runtimes compared to conventional technology. 



With the largest LCD in its category the SST4 display ensures information is displayed clearly and allows users to make quick decisions. Four gases can be displayed with clarity and shown in PPM and % vol. Correction factures can be set through the WatchGas App and allows for a one to one reading for the target gas required. With its Backlight it can be used in dark environments and will be illuminated in an alarm occasion. 



Designed with the harshest environments in mind the SST4 offers an IP rating of 67-68. The casing is a double shot housing that gives extra robustness whilst not compromising on quality. The screen protectors located either side of the display are to protect the LCD from scratching and is required due to the smaller sensor profile. 



As a safety device it is essential that the device clearly notifies users of the presence of gas. The SST4 has a 95dB alarm at 30 centimetres which is the industry standard and is required in loud industrial environments. High, Low and TWA alarms can be configured by the customer and automatically updated directly on the device or through the SST-Dock or WatchGas App.



In dirty and harsh environments that gas detectors are often used in many charging connectors become damaged. SST4 has been designed with induction charging allowing for simple and quick charging with no risk of cables and ports becoming damaged and failing. 



Four Gas Device (SST-Micro): LEL LPC Low Power Catalytic – 1 Week Runtime

Four Gas Device (SST-Mini): LEL Catalytic Bead Sensor – 16 Hours

Four Gas Device (SST-Mini): LEL NDIR – 1 month of Runtime

Expected Shipment Early Q2
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